Lana’s Last Wish

Sometimes people do things and we really just don’t know what to say. This is Yolanda “Lana” Beeler. Lana has been a wonderful supporter of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation because of the Gooden family (she and TJ Gooden worked together) and their darling little girl, Nora. Lana followed Nora religiously, checked in on her blog, watched all her videos, asked her parents about her, hoped for her, and even ran a half marathon for Nora. She also donated in her honor, purchased NEVER GIVE UP. shirts, turned her race into a Team GSF fundraiser, and hoped for Gwendolyn’s best too. And she taught her darling little granddaughter, Scarlett, about Nora and the NEVER GIVE UP. spirit.

Lana had cancer. She fought it for quite a long time and had even recently returned to work. Family and friends were hopeful. And, through it all, though in the heat of her very own medical battle, Lana continued to support SMA. She continued to be inspired by little Nora and she continued to wear her NEVER GIVE UP. — now with a very personal meaning for herself.

Lana passed away on August 25th. She is survived by her loving husband, Orville, her daughter, Stephanie, granddaughter, Scarlett, step children, step grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

Lana’s last wish was for donations to be made in her memory to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Selfless. Noble. And beautiful. We really just don’t even know what to say. Thank you Lana for being such a beautiful soul.