Happy 7th Birthday Gwendolyn

Happy 7th my little monkey!

You are my world. And there are truly no words to adequately capture how proud I am of all that you continue to accomplish and the strong, intelligent, confident, independent, silly, compassionate, beautiful little girl you've become. Since pretty much day one you've told us exactly what you want out of your life. I'm thankful that you've guided us and given us the confidence to listen — and get out of your way smile I promise that we'll never stop challenging ourselves to give you that world.

Like the last six, this past year has been an incredible gift. There were no doubt challenges, but you bravely tackled them with grace and resolve that are simply humbling. A few of the highlights for me were running together in your second 1/2 marathon, blazing through 1st grade, taking 2nd grade by storm, many new friendships at school, our countless daddy/daughter and family adventures, embracing big-sisterhood, dropping you off at school every day, watching you proudly chat and giggle with your friends, kissing you goodnight every night and getting you ready every morning. No matter how seemingly insignificant or over-the-top, I cherish every experience and second we spend together. And I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be your one and only daddy.

Happy birthday sweetie. I hope 7 is another magical year full of adventures — for all of us.


Dearest darling love,

How quickly 7 years has flown by. It seems just yesterday that I held you for the first time, your tiny wrinkly newborn self blinking knowingly into my eyes as I asked you to guide me as I learned how to be a mother to you.

And guide me you have. You have navigated your way in this big world with sheer determination and beautiful innocence. You sparkle and shine with all that is good. And your sense of wonder and joy makes it impossible to not want to give you the entire world… just to see you happy.

And happy you are. You are love. You are light. You are a quest-seeker. You are always up for fun and ready to conquer the new. You wake up each morning welcoming the new day as the adventure that it is. And that very outlook is my inspiration.

Happy 7th birthday to my strong, determined, wise, silly, intuitive, beautiful daughter. Being your mother has been filled me with infinite joy. Thank you for taking me on this beautiful adventure. 

I love you so,

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Miss Gwendolyn's 7th birthday with all of her friends, which has us reflecting on the last 6 special celebrations: a butterfly garden party, a princess party, a first trip to Disneyland, a cowgirl party, a sailing party, a fancy LA theater weekend… soon to add a Frozen ice skating party! How very fortunate we are to have had 7 celebrations. In the SMA world the gift of time is an enormous blessing — one we do not take for granted. Read Gwendolyn's past birthday letters, watch her past birthday videos, and see how she's celebrated each special occasion: 

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