Every child deserves to play. Playgrounds are vital public spaces for community connection and social development. Yet, the average playground is not designed to meet the needs of all those who want to play, particularly the one in four of us living with a disability.

Inclusion is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of making decisions about helping everyone belong.

Inclusive play helps develop a true understanding of the world and encourages appreciation of the differences between people. More importantly, inclusive play recognizes our similarities and builds a more compassionate society.

When everyone plays, we all win!

Gwendolyn’s Playground will be the first fully inclusive playground in Santa Barbara, enriching public spaces to truly serve our whole community, and elevating play to be more for everyone.

Donate. Get Involved. Learn more and become a Founding Partner, which includes naming and signage opportunities to reflect your commitment and investment. Together, we can cultivate a more inclusive future!


We have partnered with the City of Santa Barbara and Parks and Recreation to create the first fully inclusive playground in our region. We believe all children should have the opportunity to get to be one of the kids, to be at the center of fun, to belong. We think public playgrounds should celebrate our differences and the many ways we learn, and set the standard of the more tolerant, cooperative, and compassionate society that we all deserve. But we need YOUR help to make this incredible space a reality!

0.1 MM

Needed to build Gwendolyn’s Playground

0 MM

 Total raised to date

Founding Partners

We are so grateful for the support of our Founding Partners in this private/public/nonprofit project. Join us in leaving a lasting legacy by building inclusion for all. Recognition of your community investment will be artfully displayed within the playground. Sponsorship plaques and field naming opportunities are limited. Please contact us to get involved or learn more: [email protected] or donate directly here.

NEVER GIVE UP Partners $150K+

  • SLIDE HILLSIDE given in Memory of Norman F. Sprague III, the Sprague Family
  • SENSORY SWINGING given in Memory of Jack Bonelli, Bonelli Family, Feeding Littles, + Bapron Baby

RAINBOW Partners $75K


BUTTERFLY Partners $50K

  • MUSIC FUN donated by Grace Fisher Foundation
  • PARTY ZONE donated by Rudi Schulte Family Foundation

FRIENDSHIP Partners $25K

  • In Honor of Nana Zellet, Bella Vista Designs
  • Brignardello Family
  • In Loving Memory of Teya Sterndahl, Greene Family Foundation
  • Avexis/Novartis Gene Therapies
  • CrossFit Pacific Coast

KINDNESS Partners $12.5K

  • FRIENDSHIP BENCH donated by Ellen Strong
  • In Memory of Owen Shuler, Fight For Owen + the Shuler Family
  • Schlinger Family Foundation
  • Montecito Firefighters Charitable Foundation
  • In Memory of Aiden Henderson, Aiden’s Tribe
  • BMW Santa Barbara
  • Firestone Family
  • Pirozzi Family
  • Deakyne Family
  • Young Family
  • Claassen Family
  • Brian Coryat


  • MOXI
  • Santa Barbara Zoo
  • Kyle’s Kitchen
  • Grace Fisher Foundation
  • Shane’s Inspiration
  • Koegel Autism Center
  • In Memory of Ava Francis, Team Ava
  • In Memory of Callie Golden, Golden Family
  • In Honor of Zoey, the Needham Family
  • Girl Scout Troop 50396
  • Holloway Family
  • Nye, Stirling, Hale & Miller, LLP
  • Carolyn + Dennis Miller
  • In honor of Taysen Langstraat, Manna Insurance Group

COMMUNITY Partners $5K

  • Zarley Family Foundation
  • John + Deneen Demourkas
  • Bartolo Family
  • Strand Family
  • Kanowsky Family
  • In honor of Finn the Fighter
  • Patrick + Diane Hall
  • Dr. Michael + Sonia Behrman
  • Gardner Grout Foundation

COMMUNITY Partners $5K

  • Analise Maggio
  • The Dolotta Family Charitable Foundation
  • Jill Ellis Makeshift Studio
  • Kacie Jean Photography
  • Olson Family
  • Hawkins Family
  • Schwabecher Family
  • Powers Family
  • Crocker Family
  • Jose + Mary Lopez


Inclusive, innovative, whimsical and fun, Gwendolyn’s Playground is a place to spark wonder in every age. Considerate of the many ways we learn and grow, this sensory-rich environment removes the physical and social barriers of today’s typical playground. Here EVERYONE belongs and has opportunities to challenge themselves, play side-by-side, and have fun together. These experiences foster life-long lessons of cooperation, empathy, and kindness.

Inclusive + Fun

Thoughtful equipment, color, and design invite people of all abilities and ages to play together.

Safe + Accessible

Secure fencing offers fully accessible entrances, and play spaces are free of prohibitive bark or steps.​

Innovative + Sensory-rich

Multi-level imaginative play structures break the mold of traditional playgrounds to engage diverse learning styles and ignite all five senses.

Educational + Connecting

A thriving gathering place for a community that provides opportunities for inclusive programs and educational outreach events.


Multi-Sport Field $2MM
Magical Tree $1.5MM
Baseball Field $1MM
*SPONSORED* Slide Hillside $150K
Sensory Spinning $150K
Interactive Innovation $150K
*SPONSORED* Inclusive Swinging $150K
Climbing Features $100K
Accessible Surfacing $100K
Inclusive Art Mural by Fred Calleri $75K
Butterfly Plaza $75K
*SPONSORED* Party Zone $50K
*SPONSORED* Music Fun $50K
Diversity Programming $50K
Inclusive Library $50K
Kindness Garden $50K
Calm Zone $50K
Art Sculptures $25K (each)
Toadstool Houses $25K (each)
Friendship Benches $10K (each)


Gwendolyn’s Playground was inspired by Gwendolyn Strong, a tenacious Santa Barbara child born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Gwendolyn made friends wherever she went and lived a very inclusive life: attending mainstream public school, dancing hip hop after school, participating in three half marathons, and having regular playdates with peers. However, when it came to enjoying the most basic childhood right of passage, there were no playgrounds in the region accessible to her wheelchair and needs.

By giving everyone a chance to play together, Gwendolyn’s Playground serves as a joyful microcosm of a more tolerant and kind society, in which children of all abilities can participate and enjoy equal opportunities to flourish. Gwendolyn + her peers showed us that friendship has no limitations.


Gwendolyn’s Playground is an integral component of a re-imagined public space including tournament-grade sports fields, fitness, walking paths, picnicking, and more at Dwight Murphy Field, an area one block from East Beach and directly across from the Santa Barbara Zoo. This redevelopment will foster tourism, community engagement, and will be a popular highlight of our beautiful city!

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