200 iPads Granted

We started Project Mariposa with the simple mission: to make the world more accessible through technology. We initially had funding for 50, then 100. Now, 2 years later. 200 iPads have been granted. 200 lives have been changed.

That. Is. AWESOME.

So what is the impact of an iPad for those with special needs? Okay here is the deal — SMA impacts every aspect of daily life: the ability to walk, to stand, to sit up, to lift the arms, to type or make a pincher grasp, and, for many, to speak. But it never limits the mind or desire to learn, to grow, to create, to explore. In fact, those with SMA are really amazing people. They are clever, accomplished, full of life, and they are just like their able-bodied peers — they want to live their passions and accomplish their dreams.

For the able-bodied, an iPad is a nice to have luxury item. It allows us to watch our favorite shows or send emails while traveling. And it allows us to stay connected and keep up with friends on Facebook. Now imagine for a moment if it were physically exerting or even impossible to hold a laptop or sit upright at a desktop computer, turn the pages of a book, hold a pencil or a paintbrush, play your favorite instrument, express your desires. Imagine.

But here’s the thing, the iPad can help with all of these. It can literally change the “impossible.”

With YOUR generous support, we have been able to give the gift of achieving the “impossible” to 200 people. And that is priceless!

Meet all 200 of our spectacular grantees on our Impact Map. Help us continue to open the world by donating directly to Project Mariposa. Become an Official Sponsor.