Hope Calender: Last Call and Finishing Up

The Hope Calendar has been such a success! People love the beautiful images and have been so excited by the response — making them a cinch to sell. We are now closing out this fantastic fundraiser and so it is the official LAST CALL to order your own. Click here to buy. And for all of those fabulous volunteers, please finalize your money collection and begin sending in your checks (send to this address and please mark “Hope Calendar” on the checks). We don't know the official complete total raised yet as money is still being collected, but the estimate is around $7,000 to $8,000!!! Amazing!!!

We are so blown away by this positive fundraiser — the number of calendars sold, the many people who volunteered to sell them, and the money raised for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation! We heard about people giving them as gifts to their employees and others as gifts to their office mates. They were also given as housewarming gifts, holiday gifts, thank you gifts, and just because. And here is something else amazing — Hope Calendar creator and photographer, Debi Gomez, had no previous SMA connection. That meant all of her clients who buy her calendar annually now know about SMA. That means all the customers of the boutiques selling the calendars now know about SMA. And, of course, all the people who gave these beautiful calendars as gifts have spread the word and each new month is a reminder of the mission to end SMA. And what is also extra amazingly generous is Debi donated 100% of the sales!!! 100%!!! Thank you so very, very much Debi. Your selflessness leaves us speechless. Your generosity, your kindness, and, of course, your creativity are extraordinary!!! And thank you everyone who has purchased a Hope Calendar, who has sold them for us, who has given them as gifts. You have made a difference!!!