Trike-A-Thon A Big Success!/Children Helping Children Part 3

Remember the awesomely creative Trike-A-Thon fundraiser put on by my two childhood friends? This got me all throat lumpy at just the idea — I'm telling you, children helping children just does it to me — and then to see the pictures, well I should just buy stock in Kleenex! What is so amazing about this is my two friends (both busy moms) thought of this idea, organized it, rallied their friends and family, and had a blast the entire time! I have known Theresa Portugal and Adriana Benton since elementary school. We were Brownies together, had countless sleepovers, competed in cheerleading competitions together and even survived Junior High together — I know, we have history with a capital H! Although we no longer live super near one another, they have been wonderfully supportive and I feel so very fortunate to have such amazing friends.

So not only was the Trike-A-Thon ADORABLE and super positive, it was also a big success! There was a trike decorating contest (Gwendolyn selected the winner via photos). There was a craft table. There were games. There were parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles involved. And there were tons of children smiling, laughing, and triking their little hearts out for SMA!!! And these adorable children, with the help of their amazing parents and sponsors, helped raise $1,714 in one afternoon! One afternoon! And so many more people now know about SMA! Love that!

Thank you all so much for making a difference!!! And thank you so, so much Theresa and Adri for organizing such a fun, positive, and creative event. Love you!!!

Together we can end SMA — one person and one dollar at a time!