Our Barista

Nonfat, three pump, no whip, extra foam, grande mocha, please!

That's my order every morning for the cutest barista on the block! Gwendolyn loves helping and every morning she and Daddy head down to the kitchen after brushing teeth and getting dressed for the day to make coffee. She hangs out on the counter and directs Daddy to where the milk is located, when the frother light turns off, how much chocolate to put into Mommy's coffee (lots!), how much coffee to pour in the cup, gives everything a stir, and, of course, it is all rounded out with lots of cheersing of the cups and feverish sipping! Just this week we added in the addition of the twin mini-mini ponies (thank you Heather and Wade) and now we make sure the horses get to drink their coffee, too! Yumme!