Team GSF SB Marathon: Meet Our Team Sponsors!

Team GSF Santa Barbara Marathon would like to extend a huge thank you to each of our awesome thirty-six — yes 36! — Team Sponsors. Your enthusiastic support of our efforts and commitment to the SMA cause is inspiring. Please know that you have made a difference in this disease and we applaud you for your generosity!


Team GSF SB Marathon: Meet The Team!

We're unbelievably excited to introduce the thirty inspiring Team GSF Santa Barbara Marathon runners who have collectively raised nearly $45,000 and counting — from 350 donors and 40 Team Sponsors around the globe — for theGSF and SMA. $45,000!!! Team members include our family and friends, other SMA parents, and individuals moved by theGSF’s efforts and the SMA cause. Beyond raising an incredible amount of funding for SMA, Team GSF has also raised much needed awareness of SMA, its shocking statistics, its brutal progression, and its dire prognosis. These incredible people have selflessly trained for months so they can help change the future of SMA and to say we are honored to have them on our team is an understatement.


Cardoze/Vallarino Family Raises $5,000

Everyone has a birthday and anyone can turn that special day into a day of creating change. The Cardoze/Vallarino family turned two birthdays into an opportunity to end SMA, inspired a friend to host a couture handbag trunk show, and raised an incredible $5,000 in honor of sweet Amanda Cardoze.


Halloween Fun For “Dorothy”

Gwendolyn has had an absolute amazing Halloween. She was so darn excited about everything. She quivered with thrill reading about all things Halloween, every special Halloween thing at Preschool was off the charts in her mind, and we both loved using the fun crafts she made there to decorate our front porch. And at home I think I sang “Five Little Pumpkins” ten thousand times this year…and every time she squealed.


Team Kadence Raises $1,630

Rusty Hastings is running the San Antonio Marathon on November 13th in honor of his little girl Kadence and the Hastings family are fighting SMA along the way. Rusty and his wife, Jessica, decided to dedicate this race to Kadence just weeks after she was diagnosed with SMA this summer.

We are always so inspired by anyone who pushes their body to help change the future of SMA. But when it is a parent of an SMA child we know the emotions are high and it takes an enormous amount of dedication to train — especially so soon after a devastating SMA diagnosis.