Beb-e-ssentials Fundraiser Ending

The Beb-e-ssentials fundraiser has been a big success! I love that everyone is so excited about their handmade order and so pleased with it when it arrives. And I just melt when I see the pictures of all the darling children wearing their Beb-e-ssentials gear so proudly! (See gallery below and check our Facebook fan page for even more pictures.)The final deadline to order is May 9th, so be sure to get your order in and help SMA at the same time. Penny and Melissa have been such a joy to work with. And this entire fundraiser is to their credit — they thought of it, created it, and have one last surprise up their sleeves tomorrow — so check their facebook fan page.

Remember until May 9th: 20% of all bucket hats, 30% of all other products (headbands, clippies, waffles, etc) and 60% of the Gwendolyn Butterfly will be donated to GSF. And an additional pink butterfly clippie and a GSF bracelet will be added to orders while supplies last.

Thanks so much everyone and happy shopping!