The Stone’s 7 Countries in 7 Days Tour

Today is the big day! The Stone family are officially on their way on their 7 Countries in 7 Days Tour. The Stones: Chris, Laurie, Connor, and Jessica, are dear friends of ours who have been living abroad over the last year for work. Before they return home, they decided to do one last European trip — a BIG one. And they have turned it into an opportunity to talk about SMA and raise funding for theGSF's programs!

Chris and Laurie have been wonderful friends to us over the years. They have an infectious energy — with big laughs and even bigger hearts and everything they do in life is with full enthusiasm. And now they have taken that energy and put it full force into this journey with three goals in mind:

  • “Spread awareness about SMA….the #1 genetic killer among young children.
  • Raise MONEY for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation's research, advocacy, and support programs!! Please click here to DONATE.
  • Teach our children that life is composed of many events (good and bad) and it's not those events that make up who you are as a person, but how you react to those events. Bill and Victoria Strong (the parents of Gwendolyn and founders of theGSF) are a symbol of how we should all lead our lives and that if you get knocked down, we can get up tomorrow and keep moving forward to inspire and make a difference.”

They stocked up on tons of theGSF gear. They have planned and organized their route. Their car is packed and decorated with NEVER GIVE UP. stickers. Chris got his company, Network Hardware Resale, involved who is now sharing it with 6,000+ employees, customers, and vendors. And family and friends around the world are asking questions about SMA and are donating!!! So far the Stones have raised an incredible $4,879 — and growing!!! A-mazing!

So where are they going??? Starting in the Netherlands they will drive to Belgium, then to Luxembourg, and then on to France and Switzerland and Italy, and ending in Monaco. All of this with two adorable children — both under six. Now how do we sneak into their suitcases smile

What we love most about this entire thing is that the Stones are selflessly turning their special family vacation into an opportunity to help others. They didn't have to do this. It wouldn't even cross the minds of most. But Chris and Laurie are always thinking of others and of how they can make a difference. Just planning this fundraiser says a lot about who they are — and we LOVE them for it!

Bon voyage, Stone family! And THANK YOU.

UPDATE: They did it. The Stone family traveled to 7 countries in 7 days, raising $5,650+ to help change SMA!!! Awesome journey. Awesome family. Difference made. Thank you Stones, we love you guys.


Anything can become an opportunity to support theGSF and our mission. Use your hobby or passion to jumpstart a fundraiser. Hold a garage sale, plan a carnival, ask for donations on your birthday… You can do anything to fundraise to help change SMA. Will YOU get involved?