Lullaby Blankies Helps End SMA!

In December I met Stephanie and Brandon Humes, owners of Lullaby Blankies. Stephanie reached out with an email about their story that goes something like this –> Gorgeous couple in love. Get married. Want to start a family. But Stephanie and Brandon's story takes a turn there. Thanks to a proactive OB, Stephanie and Brandon learned they were both SMA carriers and this one proactive act has now allowed them the ability to make decisions about how they will pursue having a family. This was the first time I've met an SMA parent before they actually became one. And while I hope their story becomes the norm for couples in the future (the being tested part), being an SMA carrier and wanting children complicates things and is still very painful.This news profoundly impacted Stephanie and Brandon and their lives have changed because of it. I think the way in which this has changed them says a lot about their character because they could easily have felt, “Whew, dodged a bullet on that one” and moved on. Instead, this amazing couple got to work asking friends and family to donate to the cause and created Lullaby Blankies as a way to be part of ending SMA! And that is remarkable!

Lullaby Blankies is awesome for many reasons! They make the perfect shower gift. They have fun modern fabrics like the “Bad to the Bone Fleece” and the “Argyle Fleece.” And, of course, we love the “Gwendolyn Butterfly” blanket!!! We also love that the blankies are super soft and huge! And on top of how lovely they are it just feels good to know that 25% of every purchase will go toward fighting SMA! And if you join their Facebook fan page, you will see the extra coupons and bonuses, like this week's special with 50% of the “Gwendolyn Butterfly” blanket being donated!!!

And on top of all of this…the Humes have planned an awesome fundraiser on May 17th for the GSF at Fresh Brothers in Calabasas, CA. {More details coming!}

SMA stinks, but sometimes there are people like Stephanie and Brandon who remind me what incredible people are impacted by this cruel disease.

Like them on Facebook and support their efforts

Buy a blanket and 25% goes to ending SMA — this week 50% of the “Gwendolyn Butterfly” blankie goes to the GSF!

Thank you Stephanie and Brandon for all you are doing to help fight SMA and to make people aware of it. Together we can end SMA, one blankie at a time!