June’s Quilt Auction

June Marie Howsden was born to Chris and Molly Howsden, and big sister, Virginia, in 2009. June came into the world struggling, born with Type 0 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the most severe form of the disease, had stopped moving in utero, and had to be intubated to help her breathe at birth. But she was immediately surrounded by LOVE. Sweet June only lived for three weeks, from October 5th to 27th.

To honor June and celebrate her birthday, the Howsden family created the annual June’s Quilt Auction. With 28 beautiful handmade items, this fundraiser not only will make a difference in the lives of others with SMA, it is a tangible way for Molly to process her grief, find beauty in her heartache, and channel her unending love for baby June. From Molly:

“Now at the 4 year mark of her birth and death I can “feel” God filling me up again and making me whole with His LOVE. Of course I’ll never be completely whole again as part of my heart is in Heaven but He is filling that hole with His love. The LOVE of God that he is showing me is flowing from my heart into my hands and the items that I made for this auction. All of these items were made with love. The quilt that started my love of quilting was made out of love for June and my family. It’s all about LOVE. Whether you are a Christian or not it doesn’t matter, you still know love of other people and that’s part of this auction. Loving people and making the world a more beautiful place through our love.”

All of these beautiful pieces, from large quilts to darling dolls to purses, benefit the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation’s Project Mariposa. In fact, 100% of the bidding goes directly to buying iPad’s to make the world accessible to those with SMA. So, bid high and bid often! The auction started on October 20th and will end THIS Sunday, October 27th.

Sweet June came into the world struggling but she continues to share her beautiful love.

View June’s Quilt Auction HERE

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{UPDATE} June’s Quilt Auction raised an incredible $1420.61! Thank you Howsden family for creating such a positive and beautiful way to honor June.