It Arrived!!! Let the Adventures Begin!

Yep…it's an extra special, super duper, really big, awesome, stupendous surprise… just in time for Christmas! Gwendolyn's POWER CHAIR ARRIVED! EEEEEEEEEEEE! Yipee! Yipee! We are pretty darn excited around here…but most importantly, Gwendolyn is OVER. THE. MOON!!!

Yesterday all three of us went to Gwendolyn's therapy appointment with fingers crossed that her chair would really be there and would really be ready to roll. This has been such a long and thorough process that took enormous creativity and patience on the part of a lot of people. We have been working at this and hoping for this for over a year (see posts here, here, here, here, and here). And so to see it now come to fruition, well, joy is an understatement.

Gwendolyn was ready the moment she saw it. It was still in it's plastic and so we all got to see the grand unveiling. She admired the silver base, but the purple seat…make that purple sparkly seat…really caught her attention. Oh yeah! And it didn't take more than a minute before she was letting us know she wanted in it…now! It was amazing placing her in the seat for the first time. It was incredible seeing her sit up in her very own power chair. It leaves us without words to see her so proud of herself…so beyond proud of herself.

There were lots of different adjustments needed and the awesome women who made this all happen (Christie, Jane and Emily) got to work right away like Santa's busy elves. Screws, washers, and wrenches were everywhere and while Emily worked on the foot rests, Jane tinkered with the head support, and Christie elevated the arm rests. At one point a mallot even came out. All the while, Gwendolyn sat perfectly content to admire her new chair and herself sitting in her chair in a big full-length mirror. Okay, she is only three, so she was really patient for a three year old, but pretty soon little Miss Gwendolyn was ready to hit the road.

An enormous THANK YOU to Christie, Jane and Emily!!! We can not express our full gratitude for all that they have done over the last year to make this happen. Many therapists would have never even allowed Gwendolyn the opportunity to try a power chair. And many more would have grown impatient and frustrated by the many challenges we faced. Because of you three, we found just the right fit for our special little girl and it has already opened up a new world for her.

And we can't wait to lose our breath as we try to stay by her side for the adventure!!!