Hope Calendar Raises Over $8,000 For GSF

We are so excited! Debi Gomez of Life's Images Photography and the creator of the “Hope Calendar” just announced the final totals of the 2011 sales…Drum roll please….

$8,110 was raised for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and our “$200K for SMA” campaign!!!

A-mazing! Simply amazing! A big thank you to everyone who supported this effort and to all of you who helped sell calendars in your communities. Many people went door to door, others gave them as gifts, and several companies bought them for their entire offices. And 811 calendars were sold — that's hundreds of people now made aware of SMA and hundreds more who will stop and look at the calendar on someone's desk and want to know more about it. So WAY TO GO everyone!!!

And, of course, this would not have been possible at all if not for Debi and her enormous generosity. Thank you Debi for creating such a wonderful project, for donating your time and talent, and for selecting the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and SMA as the 2011 recipient. We are so grateful for your kindness and are so appreciative of all you have done for SMA this year!!! Thank you for being so amazing!!!

Together we can end SMA –> $8,000 closer!