Hayden’s Comfy Cushies—> Must Have Padding for the EASyS

SMA families are exceptionally creative — out of necessity and out of devotion. And Hayden Calafiore's grandmother, Shelly, is proving this once again. There is pretty much one stroller/wheelchair option for SMA Type 1 families — the EASyS. The EASyS is an awesome chair and we have recommended it to countless families — without it, we would not be able to give Gwendolyn the exciting experiences she craves. It is rather industrial, however, and so to help make her granddaughter happy and comfortable, Shelly created a comfort cushion that has made the EASyS even better. Introducing Hayden's Comfy Cushies!

Inspired by adorable Hayden, Hayden's Comfy Cushies can be customized in just about any way. Does your child like Tinkerbell like Hayden? Or is Bob the Builder a favorite? Maybe a Minnie Mouse fan? Or perhaps you have a flower child? Shelly can create a pad that reflects interests or colors or both. For example, Shelly knew Gwendolyn likes horses and purple and so she scoured fabric stores until she found a pretty purple design. But, it wasn't girly enough and so Shelly paired it with pretty paisley quilting and created horse appliques that look as if they are running across the pad. Wow! And all of that came out of me saying simply, “She likes horses and the color purple!”

But, Hayden's Comfy Cushies are not just about adding personal design to your child's chair — they create additional comfort using thick memory foam cushions. Each order includes the memory foam cushion, a zippered custom cover, and a matching headrest. And a customized blanket can be added that coordinates perfectly with your comfort pad — and these aren't just any blankets. The matching blankets are made with an 18 inch cozy pocket for toes to fit in so the blanket doesn't shift during outings and they are narrow to fit the width of the stroller so they don't hang off or add too much bulk.

HCC has multiple examples in the Etsy shop and they are each so adorable, but know that they are just examples of what can be created. Shelly is excited to work together to create something unique to reflect your child's special interests. Imagination is the only limit! Contact Shelly through her Etsy shop or Facebook fan page to get your custom order started today. ***If you don't have the EASyS or if you have special size requirements contact Shelly and she is happy to work with you to find just the right solution.

Hayden's Comfy Cushies Etsy Shop

Hayden's Comfy Cushies Fan Page

And to help find a treatment for SMA, 10% of every purchase will be donated to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation for SMA research.