Happy 17 month birthday and update

Happy 17 month birthday Gwendolyn!!!! How about a ginormous “happy birthday” singing Elmo balloon for your birthday? Well, that and a trip to the doctor for your monthly Synagis RSV shot 🙁 Poor little thing.

We were pretty concerned about Gwendolyn over the last week. First, she had an upset tummy, was super lethargic, and just wasn't her normal jolly-self. That seemed to pass over the weekend with some Pedialyte and good old-fashioned rest. But, on Sunday/Monday we and a few of Gwendolyn's therapists noticed that she was pale and retaining water in her face, hands, and feet. Her spirits were normal, she never had a fever, and her heart rate and O2 stats were never abnormal. Nevertheless, we were definitely concerned.

On Tuesday, she woke up with much better coloring and her swelling had almost completely gone away. We spoke with Dr. Abbott and given her temperament, normal stats, and the fact that absolutely nothing obvious had changed that could have led to the swelling, he wasn't overly concerned — always a relief to us. She had a great day with Gramma on Tuesday and today she seems to be more or less back to her normal playful self.

We had an appointment today with Dr. Abbott for Gwendolyn's monthly Synagis RSV shot so he got a chance to further examine her. We're all still puzzled by how or why she was pale and retaining water a few days ago. We'll just have to chalk it up to another Gwendolyn health enigma — our little rascal really loves keeping us on our toes smile