Good Things For Gwendolyn: Our Animal Whisperer and A Half Birthday

Today Gwendolyn is 3 1/2 and I can't believe it! 3.5! I can't believe it has already been six months since her big 3rd birthday celebrations — her first trip to Disneyland, the month-long “Birthday Bonanza” giveaways, the $36 for 36 months campaign that raised $3,300 (Wow! and THANK YOU!), and all the birthday love and goodness. And I can't believe it was six months ago that we made this video. I loved making it and reminiscing. But what I love even more is that we now have so, so many more adventures and milestones to add. The last six months have been filled with so many experiences for our little girl that are expanding her world — starting preschool, getting her power chair, fun with friends, exposure to new learning opportunities — and we can see her growing leaps and bounds before our eyes. Gwendolyn has such a determined and feisty spirit and she is showing us every day what she wants out of her life — and she wants to go and do and see and have adventures! Lots of them.

And one consistent theme to Gwendolyn's adventures is being with animals. It is very clear that she has a very special bond with animals. She has always loved animals, but I am continually amazed at how they seem to respond so lovingly and gently to her. This week Little Star gave her whisker kisses — he's never done that to anyone. Gwendolyn made a little sound and he immediately came right up to her and gently nuzzled her cheek with his — a horse kiss. And he's so calm and relaxed around her — so happy to have a million hair bows and Gwendolyn Butterflies put in his mane, so content to walk up and down the stable a million times, and so thrilled with every little pat Gwendolyn gives him. And seeing Gwendolyn with Rufus last was just darling. They were such immediate buddies. Rufus was so good with her — and she with him. It seems true with every animal Gwendolyn meets. Throughout her 3 1/2 years she has gotten to hold, pet and/or feed: chickens, bunnies, turtles, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, penguins, a baby fox, a sea cucumber, a starfish, snakes, lizards, a giraffe… and last month we had a very special dolphin surprise for Little Miss G… an adventure for our animal whisperer…our big 3 1/2 year old!

Happy 3.5 sweet G. We love you!