Beb-e-ssentials Fundraiser & The Gwendolyn Butterfly

The butterfly in our logo is more than a design element. And while I have called Gwendolyn my little butterfly since she was a baby, it is more than that, too. Like a butterfly, SMA children have beautiful bright knowing spirits, but are delicate and fragile and confined in the cocoon of their weak bodies.Recently I was contacted by Penny and Melissa at Beb-e-ssentials, a children's accessory company that sells the cutest hats and clips. They wanted to do something to help. They not only are generously donating a portion of all sales, they created a unique “Gwendolyn Butterfly” to add to their permanent store collection. In one of our emails Penny said something that took my breathe away because I have never discussed why we chose the butterfly for our logo. She said she wanted to create a special “butterfly of hope to fund research to help break the children with SMA out of their cocoon so everyone will be able to see the beautiful individual children “take flight” and move.”

We are so excited to work with Beb-e-ssentials and we are blown away by the beautiful “Gwendolyn Butterfly.” From now until May 9th, 20% of all bucket hats, 30% of all other products (headbands, clippies, waffles, etc) and 60% of the Gwendolyn Butterfly will be donated to GSF. And an additional pink butterfly clippie and a GSF bracelet will be added to orders while supplies last.

Head on over to Beb-e-ssentials to peruse the darling hand-made products for the sweet little girl in your life (and a few boy items like the darling bear bucket). And check out the lovely post Penny and Melissa wrote about it.