Never Give Up Song

We are so excited. Musician Hannah Williams wrote and recorded this wonderful song: Never Give Up — and 100% of the purchase is being donated to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

She wrote it for us. For the SMA community. To inspire. To be part of the change. And we think it’s beautiful — she is.

This is Hannah and me in high school. Young, naive, ready to take on the world. And we did — well, our innocent teen selves felt like we did. We certainly had fun learning to spread our wings. We lived down the street from each other, felt rebellious cruising Venice Beach and getting toe rings, and relished the freedom 16 and driving brought. We were in theater together, spent countless hours talking back stage (usually about boys), and she has always been a talented singer.

Hannah is now a professional musician living in Austin. She’s also a mother — just like me. After learning about Gwendolyn’s SMA, she’s done multiple selfless things to help support us and we have so appreciated her kindness as we navigate this journey. And then to our complete surprise she wrote this song. When Gwendolyn was hospitalized last year Hannah watched from afar, sent encouraging emails, her daughter’s entire girl scout troop even sent drawings and get well cards. But she also started thinking creatively and this song soon formed. Hannah then called in favors and quickly had an entire studio filled with musicians to record Never Give Up so it could help make a difference.

It’s positive. It’s honest. It’s our journey and the journey of many families facing medical crisis. And I think is just that right added motivator we all need on tough days.

Bill and I are continually astounded by just how many ways people can roll their sleeves up to get involved and be the GOOD in the WORLD. Thank you so much Hannah. Thank you to all the musicians who donated time and energy to bring this to fruition. Thank you for creating such a beautiful way to help CHANGE the future of this brutal disease.

You can buy the Never Give Up single on iTunes HERE or from RiverBNation HERE.