Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Receives 13 iPads From For Children With Special Needs

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF), a Santa Barbara based nonprofit organization, received a donation of 13 iPads from to support its Project Mariposa iPad grant program. The generous donation is a result of the “iCAN: Empowering Kids with Autism and SMA” project started by in 2013. Through iCAN, encourages its users to shop in support of the program with a portion of every purchase made from one of their 2,500 participating online retailers donated automatically towards the technology grants.

The GSF focuses on a degenerative disease, similar to ALS/Lou Gehrig’s but typically in babies and young children, called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Their minds are never affected, but SMA impacts every physical aspect of their life. The iPad is life-changing for those with SMA, assisting with education, independence, and in some cases empowering them to communicate for the first time in their lives.

Project Mariposa was launched by the GSF in January 2012 with a simple mission of making the world more accessible to those with severe disabilities, specifically SMA, through targeted iPad grants. Since 2012, GSF has granted over 185 iPads through the program.

“I think many take technology for granted,” said Bill Strong, GSF co-founder. “We’ve become accustom to the luxuries and efficiencies that a device like an iPad can provide us. But for those with special needs, an iPad can literally open up their entire world, allowing them to do things they otherwise couldn’t. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished through our Project Mariposa iPad grant program. But it wouldn’t be possible without the incredibly generous support of companies like And we’re so grateful for their partnership.”

“When we learned about the impact that an iPad could have on a person’s life, we knew we had to do something to help,” said Gina Navani, Director of Operations at “From being able to do a class presentation to picking out clothes for the first time, this technology empowers people with SMA. I feel grateful that 13 individuals are going to be empowered because hundreds of users chose to support iCan with their everyday online shopping.”

To join the “iCan: Empowering Kids with Autism and SMA” project (free), visit

For more information on Project Mariposa, sponsorship opportunities, or to submit a grant application, please visit

About the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF)
GSF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing global awareness of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the #1 genetic killer of young children, accelerating research focused on ending this cruel disease, and supporting families impacted by SMA and other life-altering conditions. GSF is an all-volunteer organization, meaning 100% of your donation goes toward fulfilling our mission.

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