Clever Little Girl

Last night when I was putting Gwendolyn to bed I asked her, How did you get so darn adorable? She smiled and looked around her room. So I pointed to different decorations on her shelf and asked, Was it the angels who made you so adorable? Silence. Looking up at the stars on her ceiling, Was it the stars that made you so cute? Silence. Was it the butterflies… or the owls… or the oak tree? Silence. Silence. Silence. Hmmm. Was it Mommy? Smiles! Guh-Guh! Smiles from Mommy, too!!!

Gwendolyn is feeling much better. We are still taking it easy and her energy isn't back 100% yet, but we were so excited that she was able to come off her bipap for a bath yesterday morning. Yeehaw! She also had clear opinions today about what books needed to be read and what movies she would watch. And, per the above, she clearly has her winning personality back smile

Thank you all for your thoughtful emails, comments, and concern. Your support and kindness never cease to amaze us, humble us, and bring us comfort. Thank you for cheering Gwendolyn (and us) on!!!