Birthday Bonanza Final Giveaway and Beb-e-ssentials Birthday Bash

Whew! What a month! Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity, your thoughtful notes to Gwendolyn for her birthday, the special cards and gifts you have sent, your donations to our $36 for 36 campaign, and your continual cheerleading and support of our little girl! To be surrounded by such positivity and support truly makes a difference and we appreciate you all so much! We are absolutely blown away that over $2,000 was raised in honor of Gwendolyn's special 3rd birthday with donations still arriving. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

It has been an incredible celebration and Gwendolyn is nowhere near ready to turn out the lights! (She's a party girl!) ALL month long, the fabulous ladies at Beb-e-ssentials are continuing the birthday bash by donating a percentage of each sale to GSF — every sale! Wow!

  • That's 60% of the Gwendolyn Butterfly
  • 50% of the SMA headband
  • 20% of the Bucket Hat (which includes the adorable Owly Hat and the not yet released Sock Monkey Hat — so cute!)
  • And 30% of ALL other products!!! (clippies, flowers, and beanies)

Isn't that amazing!!! And on top of all that, you will receive a FREE gift with every order as a thank you!!! Be sure to join their Facebook Fan Page to see all the latest products (like the too cute Sock Monkey Hat) and to hear about more surprises and sales throughout the month. (And if you post a picture of your child wearing a Beb-e-ssentials product, you get 20% off your next order!)

Today we are giving away one super darling customized Owly Hooty Hat. I am so in love with these — and so is everyone else! They have been so popular that Beb-e-ssentials actually had to suspend any new orders and I know a lot of folks were disappointed. BUT…because we want everyone to win in this giveaway…the fabulous Beb-e-ssentials ladies are making an exception for GSF supporters. During the October Birthday Bash month, exclusively for GSF supporters, the Owly Hooty Hat can still be purchased — to your exact specifications!!! (Just send an email letting Beb-e-ssentials know you are a GSF fan. smile) Hooty Hoo!!!

So…drum roll…the winner of the very last Gwendolyn Birthday Bonanza Giveaway — a customized Owly Hooty Hat…is…

  • Cherisse Lunt

Congratulations Cherisse! Can't wait to see pictures!!! (Contact Beb-e-ssentials and let them know your color selections, size, etc.) Yay!!!

This has been so much fun! The Birthday Bonanza has been wonderful and positive and I hope you have enjoyed being part of it. We have been so supported throughout our SMA journey — by our friends and family, the SMA community, the blog world, and beyond that we always want to do more to thank everyone and let you all know how much we appreciate you. Perhaps we can make giveaways something we do more of. What do you think???

And one more — Hooty Hoo! I still can't believe my baby is 3!!!