Announcing our 2015 EIA SMA Research Grantees

We are extremely excited to announce our 2015 Emerging Investigator Awards (EIA) grantees:

  • Dr. Melissa Bowerman, University of Oxford, Comprehensive analysis of metabolic perturbations in SMA
  • Dr. Erkan Osman, University of Missouri, Combinatorial treatment with an E1-targeting ASO and FDA approved drugs
  • Dr. Anne Rietz, Indiana University, Mechanism and Pharmacodynamics of a novel SMN-inducing compound for the treatment of SMA
  • Dr. Eileen Workman, Columbia University, Evaluation of candidate chemical modifiers of SMN biology in a mouse model of SMA

We started the EIA program in partnership with FightSMA in 2013 to support emerging talent and new approaches to SMA research. Our objective is to provide critical seed funding to ensure that emerging talent and fresh approaches are encouraged and supported. We’ve been gratified by the excitement that these awards generate in the SMA research community each year. The grantees are extraordinarily talented and deserve our support.

With today’s announcement, our EIA program has now funded nearly $500,000 through 15 awards to twelve SMA researchers, each working on different approaches to the disease.

It’s clear that we have entered a very exciting stage for SMA research with several promising programs working through or headed to human clinical trials and a healthy number of programs backstopping those and tackling SMA from every angle. We’re proud that our EIA program will continue to play an integral role in bolstering the existing research landscape. Like past grantees, we are anticipating great results in the future from our 2015 recipients.

Congratulations to our 2015 EIA grantees – we sincerely thank you for your dedication to the SMA cause and we wish you all the best with your exciting research!

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