Gwendolyn’s Playground – Building the First Inclusive Playground in Santa Barbara County

We are so excited to partner with the City of Santa Barbara and build the first inclusive playground in the region! The history of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation has always been to fill in the voids, so building what does not yet exist is a natural fit — especially because Gwendolyn was such an ambassador in bringing together children of all abilities and bonding in the universal joys of childhood fun.


Inclusive, innovative, whimsical and fun, Gwendolyn’s Playground is a place to spark wonder in every age. We believe every child deserves to play. Far beyond ADA guidelines, Gwendolyn’s Playground considers the many ways we learn and grow by providing a sensory-rich environment in which ALL children have multiple opportunities to challenge themselves, to play side by side and to have fun together. Gwendolyn’s Playground is not only a place where everyone can experience the benefits of outdoor play, it also becomes a thriving gathering place for community, with opportunities for inclusive programs and educational outreach events.


One in every four of us lives with a disability, and it’s a population that any one of us can become a part of at any time. Playgrounds are vital public spaces for community connection. Yet, when it comes to meeting the needs of everyone, they have fallen short. With an underlying message of kindness, we will remove the physical and social barriers of today’s typical playgrounds and give everyone a place to play and belong. Inclusive play develops a true understanding of the world, encourages appreciation of the differences between people, and more importantly, recognizes the similarities between us all.


We are actively fundraising to make Gwendolyn’s Playground a reality. We will be rolling out a new website soon with actionable ways to get involved. Here are a few of the ways you can help:

Contact Victoria ([email protected]) to learn more, share your ideas for the playground or how you want to help.